Should You Use Probiotics For Weight Loss?

probiotics weight loss

Should You Use Probiotics For Weight Loss? – 2016 Tips

More and more individuals are faced with weight issues and obesity and this is why they do research by reading Fitness articles at websites like to better understand some of the methods they could try out to lose weight. What’s more, a large portion of these individuals search for extraordinary methods for shedding additional kilos in the fastest time possible. Getting in shape and being able to lose kilos doesn’t only improve one’s look but one’s wellbeing as well. The issue with getting a thin body is the way most people do it. Extreme diets, mysterious and questionable pills that guarantee a magazine cover body are the most well-known options individuals with weight issues resort to. Things can only go worse with such attitudes and choices. People need to look at weight loss as a health change, not an extreme, it needs to be measured and taken with precautions, using things like fitness trackers to be aware of heartbeat, fitness levels, and limits are beneficial. Researching various ways this can be achieved and visiting sites like Mobile Mob to assist with fitness accessories will help those who are serious about doing it the right and safe way.

Additional kilos won’t just influence your wellbeing and the way you look but your overall being. The initial phase in decreasing your weight is to set that as your next objective. And stick to the plan. Can probiotics help you with that? If yes, how do probiotics work when it comes to weight loss? That’s what we focus on in today’s post.

Probiotics and digestive health

As we’ve said before, we encourage healthy weight loss not drastic diets, starvation or miracle pills that can mess with your health. In this light, recent studies have reached the conclusion that one’s weight is directly influenced by one’s digestive health and that maintaining a healthy gut flora is of utmost importance in getting the optimal weight.

They say that weight problems talk about an unhealthy digestive tract and that there is a significant difference in gut bacteria between overweight people and thin ones. The studies have concluded that overweight individuals have around 20% a greater amount of the “bad” bacteria and 90% less of the “good” bacteria when compared to thin people.

The good news is that during the study, people who used probiotics reduced their fats. In the second study, the overweight people drank 200 grams of fermented milk with probiotic Lactobacillus on a daily basis for 12 weeks. Accordingly, the participants decreased their stomach fat by 5% and their subcutaneous fat, which is underneath the skin, by 3%.

It’s quite simple why sugar and unhealthy food lead to weight gain. What they do is to help the bad bacteria grow. Once this happens, your body will no longer eliminate all the toxins, the absorption of nutrients will be affected and you will feel hungry more often, eat more often and the rest of the scenario is well-known.

More probiotics benefits

Besides helping one lose weight, probiotics are said to also help with the following health conditions: ADHD, autism, asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases, depression, diabetes and even cancer. Further studies are needed though in order to know exactly how they help.

Late studies have demonstrated that good bacteria can even moderate the maturing process. In case you’re more than 60, probiotics turn out to be significantly more important since the healthy bacteria in your body diminishes with age. If taken frequently, probiotics can really expand the level of ailment fighting white cells in individuals over 60.

Regardless of their advantages, numerous individuals avoid purchasing probiotics in view of their expense. Fortunately, probiotic supplements are not by any means the only approach to restore a solid digestive tract. There are less costly foods that contain probiotics.

Probiotics sources

If you don’t want to go for probiotics supplements, you can go for the following as part of your meals in order to rebalance your gut flora:

  • Lassi ? Indian yogurt food
  • Fermented vegetables like celery, collard, kale, Kimchi (which is fermented cabbage), Sauerkraut.
  • Kefir and Yogurt ? it is recommended to go for organic yogurt with live cultures since the generic ones come with high levels of sugar and artificial sweeteners.
  • Natto ? a Japanese delicacy that comes with high levels of good bacteria.
  • Tempeh – Like thick veggie burgers, tempeh is produced using cooked matured soybeans.

One important thing to keep in mind is that introducing these foods but consuming unhealthy foods in significant amounts won’t help that much. Besides going for the above mentioned more often, you should also reduce and avoid foods that encourage the growth of bad bacteria. See your nutrition expert for this and get a personalized diet plan.

A healthy and simple lifestyle can likewise help balance your gut flora. Take antibiotics only when needed and avoid them when possible. Plus, try no to expose yourself to pesticides as good bacteria is sensitive to toxins.

Final thoughts about probiotics and losing weight

Getting more fit when you have extra weight is part of loving your body and tending to your wellbeing. Try not to see the get-healthy plan as a burden. It may feel like this on occasion yet it’s the appreciation you pay to your wellbeing. If you need something more than foods rich in probiotics in order to lose weight, make sure you don’t embark upon this journey without medical supervision and nutrition expert advice. See your doctor first, try to identify the cause of your extra weight and ask him to build a custom-made plan for your weight loss needs.

Don’t forget that regular exercising is a must when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Make certain they’re also part of your program when trying to lose weight and turn them into a priority even when you’ve reached your ideal weight. Ensure your get-healthy plan is supervised by specialists in the field and think of it as your wellbeing promoter.

The condition of your digestive tract mirrors your general wellbeing. Keeping it adjusted will keep your body and brain fit as a fiddle. Whether you need to get thinner or enhance your general wellbeing, eating foods rich in useful microorganisms or taking probiotic supplements can give you incredible results.

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