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Reviewed product: Ultra-Biotics  

General score: 4.5/5 stars

Form of presentation: delayed release capsules

Serving dimensions: 2 capsules

Cost: $24.47

Recommended dosage: 1 serving / day

Packaging content: 60 capsules

Daily cost: $0.82

Viability: until expiration

CFU count: 4.4 billion

Ingredients: PreforPro, DE111 Bacillus subtilus, Bacillus Coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Biffobacterium lactis

Customer satisfaction: 60 days money back guarantee

Product category: daily probiotic supplement

Where to buy: Amazon

Ultra-Biotics General Review


Yes, there are many probiotic supplements out there, but some simply stand out from the others, and this is the case with Ultra-Biotics, from Steele Spirit. What is so special about them?

It could be the fact that they contain a next generation formula based on probiotics and prebiotics. While probiotics provide the health benefits driving us all towards such supplements, prebiotics feed the probiotics and allow them to remain alive and proliferate.

This particular probiotic-prebiotic blend promises to optimize your immune and digestive systems, to improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and to protect or restore the health of your urinary tract, intestines and colon.

How does Ultra-Biotics achieve all these? One answer would be the delayed release patented vegetarian capsule. It protects the active ingredients from stomach acidity, allowing them to reach your gastrointestinal tract intact.

Another explanation could be the innovative formula. The prebiotic is a trademark of Deerland Enzymes, PreforPro, which has the ability to feed only good bacteria and works great with the probiotic strains in this supplement. The probiotics are mostly from the spore-forming category. Why does this matter?

Most of the probiotics available on today’s market are non-spore formers, with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli among the most popular. While these have their share of beneficial effects on human health, they are also sensitive to the environment.

Spore-forming bacteria are hardier than their counterparts. They have the ability to form endospores and, thus, protect themselves in unfavorable conditions. These conditions could involve high temperatures or stomach acids.

What does this mean as fas as Ultra-Biotics is concerned? Since most of the strains in its composition are spore-forming, nothing will prevent them from reaching your gastrointestinal tract and doing their part. More than that, they do not require refrigeration.

According to the manufacturer, the probiotics will work fast and provide incredible health benefits, with no side-effects. All you need to do is take 2 capsules daily, in one serving, with a meal.

You may find it convenient to take them in the morning, so as to forget about them for the rest of the day. While two Ultra-Biotics capsules may be more than you were hoping for, these ones are rather small and easy to swallow.

It is great that they do not require refrigeration. You will not have to worry about ensuring special storage conditions while travelling, as keeping them at room temperature, away from moisture and sunlight should be enough.

If you are into natural remedies, this product should be among your favorites, since it is 100 natural. Its formula leaves no room for additives, chemicals, genetically modified substances, artificial colors or preservatives. Even vegetarians and diabetes sufferers can take it.

What is more important, Ultra-Biotics is allergies safe, containing no iron, sugar, nuts, wheat, gluten or eggs. In fact, it should help you manage your allergies better through its ability to strengthen the immune system.

While the product is addressed to women, men and children alike, you may want to consult your child pediatrician or your doctor before beginning administration. You should do so in case you are nursing, pregnant or under powerful medication.

Although Ultra-Biotics promises to help you put up with antibiotics and other treatments easier, it is better to be safe than sorry. Special precautions should also be taken if your immune system is weak, as you might be prone to infections or some other negative consequences.

The manufacturer does not warn of any side-effects, but most probiotics cause minor gastrointestinal discomfort on the first days of use. In this particular case, some isolated complaints speak of mild headaches and respiratory infections.

One of the things you will surely love about this product is that, with its goods and bads, it has its manufacturer’s guarantee. If you order it from Amazon, you try it, and you are not happy with the results, you have 60 days to return it and get your money back. This is a nice gesture coming from a manufacturer who prides with their GMO Free, Made in America and Good Manufacturing Practice certifications.

Ultra-Biotics Ingredients

As mentioned above, this Steele Spirit supplement contains PreforPro, DE111 Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. Out of these ingredients, PreforPro and DE111 are Deerland enzymes trademarks. What makes this formula so special and how will it ensure the promised health benefits? Let’s see!


It is a recent discovery in the field of prebiotics that supports the healthy gut bacteria through a different mechanism than fiber and starch‐based prebiotics. Once you ingest it, the bad bacteria in your gut absorb it. PreforPro destabilizes the walls of the bad bacterial cells and releases its nutrients. These nutrients are then used by the good bacteria in your GI tract.

Unlike other prebiotics on the market, this Ultra-Biotics ingredient is effective in small doses, pays results within just hours and works in the intestines as well, not just in the colon. It does not induce flatulence, it is not environment sensitive and feeds numerous probiotic strains. Among these strains, there are the most popular bifidobacteria and lactobacilli strains, commonly used in probiotic supplements, as well as bacillus subtilis.

DE111® Bacillus Subtilis

Another trademark of Deerland Enzymes, this 3 billion CFU Bacillus subtilis strain in Ultra-Biotics is a natural inhabitant of the humans and animals’ gut. It is able to form spores that protect is from high temperatures and stomach acids. This way, nothing prevents it from colonizing your gastrointestinal tract. Among the most important benefits related to its use, the following may draw your attention:

  • It supports the intestinal cells immune reaction;
  • It inhibits pathogens, maintaining a healthy gut flora and forming a functional gut barrier with the intestinal cells.
  • It supports the digestion of complex carbs and dietary fats and helps the body transform them into small chain fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-3);
  • It helps maintain healthy cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels. 

Bacillus coagulans

This Ultra-Biotics 1 billion CFU strain is related to its predecessor, able to form spores and highly resistant to high temperatures and tough environments. It is able to survive on its own, but also in short chains. It develops well in aerobic conditions but can also withstand low-oxygen levels.

Like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, it is able to produce lactic acid and has valuable health benefits. Its most important action is against diarrhea, from forms caused by the rotavirus, infections and viruses, to forms caused by antibiotics treatment or condition changes while travelling.

Although there is not enough evidence in this sense, this Ultra-Biotics ingredient could also:

  • Relieve digestive problems and bowel inflammations and irritations;
  • Treat ulcerative and clostridium difficile colitis by inhibiting the bacteria responsible for them;
  • Prevent respiratory infections and even cancer, by strengthening the immune system.

Bifidobacterium Lactis

A popular lactic acid bacterium, it is very versatile and beneficial for our bodies. One of the first things you find out about it is that it can help you digest lactose, even when you suffer from intolerance to it. But this is just a mere implication of its ability to support sugar, fiber and macronutrient digestion.

It gives Ultra-Biotics the ability to regulate cholesterol levels, alleviate ulcerative colitis and celiac disease symptoms and treat antibiotics-caused diarrhea. A powerful adjutant in treating respiratory issues and infections, it also supports bowel health, regulating the frequency and consistency of the movements.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

You have probably seen it on the label of many yogurts or probiotic supplements. You may have also heard of its beneficial effects for lactose intolerance, digestion, cardiovascular and immune health.

Through its presence in the Ultra-Biotics formula, Steele Spirit aims to promote immune system, digestive tract and cardiovascular health. This goal is not impossible to achieve, given that lactobacillus acidophilus produces vitamin K, acidolin, acidolphilin, bacteriocin, lactase and lactocidin.

There is information according to which this probiotic can help treat infections of the urinary tract, bowel diseases and bacteria deficiencies caused by antibiotics.

Ultra-Biotics Allergy Concerns

Not only that this supplement has a very low allergenic potential, but its composition enables it to actually fight allergies. This means that, if you suffer from allergies, you can expect the symptoms to lose intensity while under treatment.

The ingredients list is rather short and self-explanatory – unless you are allergic to one of the bacteria strains or the prebiotic, you have nothing to worry about. The vegetable capsules are only made of medium chain triglycerides and maltodextrin.

You cannot help but appreciate the vegetarian content, the lack of GMOs, preservatives, flavors and colors. The only reason for worries would be the fact that, in the same facility, the manufacturer processes milk, wheat, soy, eggs, nuts and peanuts, fish and seafood.

This means that low traces of these allergens could slip into the supplement under discussion. If you are allergic to any of them and you are concerned about your body’s reaction, do not hesitate to discuss this aspect with your doctor.   

Ultra-Biotics Overall Cost

There is not much to say about the cost of this probiotic and prebiotic blend. It is affordable and it has a manufacturer guarantee to support its efficiency. This is already very promising compared to other supplements in the same category.

At $24.47 per 60 capsules, your daily serving will cost around $0.82. If the product lives up to its promises, the price should be more than convenient. If it does not, you do not risk anything, as you can ask for a refund. Keep in mind that refund guarantees are quite rare when it comes to probiotic supplements.

Ultra-Biotics Side Effects

The manufacturer does not mention any side-effects. They actually assure that you will not experience some of the side-effects other supplements induce, like flatulence. This should be very encouraging, but some user reviews tell a different story.

Although there is no proof, some buyers recount that they experienced headaches or caught viruses while taking this supplement. One explanation could be that their immune system was very weak when they began the treatment, case in which they should have asked for their doctor’s opinion.

To make sure this will not happen to you, you can talk to your doctor or start with a lower dosage and see how you feel. After all, these ingredients cannot harm you, and if they do no good either, you just return the product and get your money back.

Manufacturer Guarantee

Yes, you can benefit from guarantees even when the product’s effectiveness depends on your body and lifestyle. Steele Spirit is not afraid to vouch for Ultra-Biotics, so you have a great deal ahead of you: a risks-free trial.

The guarantee covers 60 days, which is more than enough to tell if the product works. If you like it, you have just found your best health ally. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back and you do not have to live wondering if it might have worked.  

However, judging by the ingredients list and by the numerous reviews supporting it, chances are that this product will change your life for the better. Your health is your most valuable asset, so why not try to protect it and improve it with this one of a kind prebiotic and probiotic blend?

Where to Buy?

Amazon is the only distributor authorized by Steele Spirit, so they are your best bet. You probably already know that they are dependable, and they can help you benefit from the 60-days money back guarantee other suppliers do not offer.

General View

Category Ultra-Biotics Probiotics Supplements
General rating 4.5/5 stars
Recommended usage Daily serving
Ingredients 4.4 billion probiotic cultures
Allergenic potential Low
Cost $24.47 (30 servings)
Side effects Mild gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches.
Guarantee(s) 60 days money back guarantee
Purchasing Amazon

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