Probiotics and weight loss | Studies Say!

probiotics and weight loss

Probiotics and weight loss

More and more people face weight issues, most of them being related to obesity. The causes of such conditions are various ranging from unhealthy eating habits to the lack of sports and metabolic disorders.

A stressful life also affects one’s overall health, weight included. Weight loss treatments and methods are everywhere and many of them promise miraculous results in a short period of time.

Before jumping to any of them, make sure you check it with your doctor first. Identify the cause and treat it accordingly.

Sometimes, the root cause of one’s weight issues might be related to one’s guts. When they are affected, our health will be, too.

Most of the time, intestinal conditions are directly related to the intestinal microflora, that is the microorganisms in our intestines.

Our body hosts a few trillions of microorganisms, a great part of them being located in our guts. The good bacteria out of these are called probiotics, often translated as pro-life. When the good bacteria in our intestines are affected, all sorts of health conditions occur.

That happens because the greatest part of our immune system is located in our guts. If our no. 1 shield against harmful ingredients, infections, viruses, and other such “delightful companions” is affected, our health will obviously be the first to suffer.

Probiotics and health benefits

Several studies have been carried out in order to see the way probiotics help one’s health. Health experts and scientists have reached favorable conclusions regarding these tiny microorganisms. Probiotics are said to:

  • Reduce the pH of the colon (which means helping the colon to keep harmful bacteria at bay;
  • Break down fibers, starches, carbohydrates, sugars;
  • Increase the absorption of water, vitamins, and minerals;
  • Prevent system inflammation;
  • Produce proteins;
  • Strengthen the immune system.

That’s why they’re so important, and that’s why when they’re outnumbered by bad bacteria, health issues like inflammation, allergies, malnourishment, mood disorders, chronic diseases, and, of course, weight issues occur. Unhealthy habits like a poor diet, toxicity, and stress also affect the good bacteria in our gut.

How do probiotics help one lose weight?

Although further studies and research are needed before knowing exactly how much probiotics contribute to weight loss, scientists have identified the following when it comes to the way gut health and probiotics influence weight.

  • Gut microscopic organisms collect energy from the foods we eat. Some reap more energy than others. The good microscopic organisms living in our intestines provide approximately 4-10% of our day by day calories.
  • Probiotics are responsible for regulating intestinal hormones. These hormones control glucose and may help release the satiety hormone GLP-1, which reduces one’s appetite. High levels of this hormone may help you burn calories and fat.
  • Probiotics are also said to increase the levels of ANGPTL4. This may lead to a decrease in fat storage.
  • Intestinal irritation, also known as leaky gut, triggers obesity as well as blood sugar issues. In such conditions, toxins advance into our bloodstream. Probiotics like Bifidobacteria are said to decrease leakiness and enhance glucose.
  • Evidence shows that obesity is connected to inflammation in the brain. By enhancing intestinal health, probiotics may diminish systemic inflammation and shield us from weight issues and different diseases.

Probiotics restore health to one’s inner ecosystem. Once the internal biological system is solid, the body regulates its weight.

Probiotics found in kefir and raw vegetables seed our intestines with friendly microorganisms that fight against irritation and control the development of unsafe organisms.

To conclude, probiotics may diminish the quantity of calories we retain from the foods and beverages we have.

They likewise influence hormones and proteins linked with fat storage and appetite. They are also said to reduce inflammation which can lead to obesity.

What do studies say?

As we’ve said before, probiotics have been the subject of many studies. Some of them have found that certain strains of Lactobacillus are helpful in losing weight and belly fat.

A 6-week study showed that the people involved in the study decreased their body fat by 3-4% after having eaten yogurt with Lactobacillus fermentum or Lactobacillus amylovorus on a regular basis.

One study involving 125 overweight people explored the impacts of Lactobacillus rhamnosus supplements on weight reduction. During a 3-month period, the women taking the probiotics supplements lost half more weight compared to the women who took a placebo. They likewise kept on getting more fit amid the weight maintenance period of the study.

Another study, focused on 210 overweight individuals, found that taking Lactobacillus gasseri for 12 weeks diminished body weight, fat around organs, BMI, and waist size. Plus, belly fat was reduced by 8,5%. Anyhow, when the people who participated in the study quit taking the probiotic, their belly fat got back to the way it was before the study within a month.

Out of the many strains of probiotics, Lactobacillus gasseri is said to have the most promising effects on weight loss.

Even so, some studies have reached quite the opposite conclusion and said that certain strains of probiotics might actually lead to weight gain.

The way probiotics help varies from one individual to another. One’s age, health conditions, and habits all contribute to the effectiveness of probiotics.


Final thoughts on probiotics and weight loss

Remember that taking probiotics is just one step out of the many to take when treating certain health conditions.

Think twice before embarking upon a journey that involves self-administered and self-prescribed treatments. See your doctor for any health issues and follow his recommendations.

Plus, when it comes to weight issues, make sure you opt for a lifestyle as healthy as possible.

Reduce stress, quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, and rest skipping.

Keep away from undesirable foods and sugar.

Make sports activities a priority if don’t have any restriction from your specialist.

These, in addition to adhering to a good diet and keeping a decent balance between the good and the bad bacteria in your gut, will work together in order to help you feel and reveal your best.

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