Probiotics for gas and bloating

gas bloating

Probiotics for gas and bloating

If you find yourself bloated and you experience excessive flatulence rather often, you’ve most probably tried to find a treatment for that or you’re currently looking for one since you’re here reading this article.

Well, there are several ways of putting an end to such unpleasant situations. One of them points to the use of probiotics. What do health experts and studies have to say on this topic? Stay tuned to find out more.

Probiotics and health issues

Probiotics have been the subject of many studies and more and more scientists and health experts associate these tiny microorganisms with quite a lot of health benefits.

Our body is home to a few trillions of microorganisms. Most of them are located in our guts and are life-supportive or friendly bacteria, hence the name “probiotics”.

These tiny organisms are directly related to the strength of our immune system and our overall health. Since 80% of the immune system is located in our guts, when the number of good bacteria is lower than the one of the bad bacteria, all sorts of health issues occur.

Besides helping in infections, inflammation, skin issues like acne, and weight loss, probiotics are said to contribute to the reduction of gas and floating, too.

What do studies say about probiotics and gas

Despite the fact that further studies are still needed before knowing more about the way probiotics work, and that probiotics are not known to treat diseases completely, they are effective when it comes to diminishing numerous gastrointestinal issues. Truth be told, many researchers and health experts link probiotics to beneficial effects on gastrointestinal conditions.

For instance, probiotics have proved to be helpful in the case of people with irritable bowel syndrome by diminishing the pain as well as symptoms like flatulence and bloating.

Patients who used probiotic strains including numerous Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species (the most widely used strains of microorganisms) and Streptococcus salivarius ssp. Thermophiles, noticed a significant gas reduction.

Besides, probiotics containing Bacillus coagulans have additionally been helpful in decreasing gas in generally healthy individuals. Moreover, probiotics have been helpful in reducing bloating and stomach distension in patients experiencing a few other different sorts of gastrointestinal conditions.

One study focusing on Bifidobacterium lactis, suggests that the use of this strain of probiotics has reduced diarrhea, constipation, and even vomiting in the patients who participated in the study.

Further studies are needed to learn about the side effects of probiotics if any. So far, no study found out any harmful effects of using probiotics when they are taken in the right dosage.

There are people who say that they had mild gastrointestinal discomfort such as gas and bloating at the beginning of their probiotics treatment. Experts say it is typical to encounter gentle gastrointestinal distresses while the body is getting used to these microorganisms.

These reactions ought to be transitory as your body is acclimating to the probiotics and ought to last just a couple of days. If your intestinal discomfort lasts for more than a few days or your condition is getting worse, then you should see your doctor as the probiotic you are taking might not be the one for you and you need to go for one that is more suitable to your body.

What probiotics to take for gas?

Before taking any supplement or medicine, make sure you first check it with your doctor. Your health care specialist is the one to identify the cause of your health issues and to prescribe the appropriate treatment. There is a great number of probiotics strains. You might have to try a few of them before knowing which one works for you.

As for their form, studies have found out that the form you use, pills powder, or tablets, does not make a difference in treating your gastrointestinal issues. The things you need to pay attention to is the dosage your doctor recommended and the way you store your probiotics.

Make certain that packaging is one that ensures product viability. Search for information from the producer with respect to this viewpoint. Keep in mind that while reaching moistness, oxygen, and warmth, irreversible harm to microbial cells happens.

In any case, it is said that probiotics supplements come with higher efficacy because of the coatings and ingredients they contain to shield their substance from the gastric acids.

Natural sources of probiotics

If your doctor concludes that the lack of a health balance between good and bad bacteria is what causes your gastrointestinal issues, such as gas and bloating, you might first try to increase the number of your probiotics by having foods rich in such microorganisms.

Among them, the following are worthy of being mentioned: Kefir, yogurt, natto, lassi (an Indian yogurt milk), sauerkraut and raw vegetables. See your nutritionist for getting more information on how much of these foods to eat.

To sum up

As we’ve said before, your doctor is the one to identify the cause of your digestive conditions. However, the use of probiotics is just one step out of the many to take when it comes to supporting and boosting your health. It is a natural and easy solution, though, and its effects on your health are significant.

Using probiotics is one little step yet its effects on health are great. It is also of utmost importance to quit bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and having foods rich in sugar. Additionally, adjusting your culinary habits to healthier foods is of great importance when trying to treat gastrointestinal conditions.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet in order to keep a healthy intestinal activity. Make sure you also see your nutritionist in order to help you change your eating habits and introduce foods that would also help with gas reduction.  

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