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Reviewed product: ProbioActive by Rainbow Light

probioactive rainbow light bottle

General score: 3 ½ /5 stars

Form of presentation: capsules

Serving dimensions: 7mm x 19mm

Cost: $19.95

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule/ day

Packaging content: 90 capsules

Daily cost: $0.22

Viability: through/ at expiration date

CFUs count: 1 billion CFUs

Ingredients: a proprietary blend consisting of 1 main probiotic strain (Bacillus coagulans) and a prebiotics formula consisting of: inulin (25mg), larch arabinogalactan (25mg), ginger rhizome fresh juice 10:1 extract (20mg), fennel seed powder (20mg), turmeric 50:1 extract (15mg), and peppermint leaf powder (15mg)

Customer satisfaction: offered

Product category: daily usage probiotic

Where to buy: click here

ProbioActive by Rainbow Light General review

ProbioActive by Rainbow Light manages to score a 3 ½ /5 stars review, which places it as a slightly above standard probiotic supplement.

Among the first advantages related to this product, in particular, we can include its administration-friendly format.

The capsules are definitely smaller than similar brands (7mm x 19mm), which makes them easier to swallow without damaging the probiotic components.

In fact, the ProbioActive blend is stable enough so that you can break open the capsule and pour the contents in it over a meal if you prefer to take your daily probiotic dose like this instead of with water or other liquids.

Regardless of your choice, remember to rely only on cold foods and drinks because otherwise, you run the risk of diminishing the effectiveness of the microorganism colonies (elevated temperatures can kill off the live probiotics in the supplement).

Speaking of administration, you should also know that ProbioActive relies on a very straightforward usage routine: simply take one capsule daily either before or during a meal and you are good to go!

This is easy to remember and include into your normal schedule, so it consequently eliminates the risk of forgetting to take a serving over time.

Additionally, ProbioActive does not require constant refrigeration after opening, which means you can take this product with you even while traveling or during hectic workdays. Having a flexible and stable dietary enhancer is definitely a big plus in today’s fast paced world.

The BPA-free, recyclable, and itself recycled packaging for ProbioActive also helps because it keeps the capsules away from direct sunlight exposure, an element that can again affect probiotic efficiency over time.

Another positive aspect is that, aside from the probiotic and prebiotic components (which are themselves a very welcomed addition to the enhancer), the formula for ProbioActive contains very few extra ingredients (rice flour, silica, and hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose).

The result is a vegan, non-GMO, and extremely allergen-friendly formula that can be adapted to a wide spectrum of lifestyles and health requirements.

And, at $19.95 for 90 capsules ($0.22/ serving and 3 months’ worth of administration/ bottle), this product ranks very nicely in the cost-quality ratio.

So why does ProbioActive only score as a standard probiotic supplement? Well, first off, you have the employment of Bacillus coagulans as the sole probiotic strain inside the product.

Having just one probiotic in your main formula is unsatisfactory enough as it is – more so since the dietary enhancer only provides 1 billion CFUs – but having one which has been shown to produce harmful spores is yet another negative aspect to handle as well.

Now, these spores might or might not occur in some cases, but it is not something you want from a product which is meant to boost your health levels, not threaten them.

To make matters worse, you can experience side effects during the first days of using ProbioActive as your daily probiotic supplement.

Such symptoms are normal enough during the initial stages of probiotic usage, but it is nevertheless never enjoyable to go through visceral pain and discomfort during this particular timeframe.

What is peculiar is the fact that ProbioActive already presents a mild CFUs count, so it theoretically should not be causing these effects to begin with.

All in all, the 3 ½ /5 stars scored by ProbioActive by Rainbow Light place it as a slightly above average dietary enhancer. The most obvious advantages of this supplement are its simple administration format and routine, allergen-friendly formula, wholesome composition, and lack of additives.

On the other hand, obvious drawbacks such as its problematic strain selection and side effects occurrence prevent it from receiving an overall higher position on the current market.

ProbioActive by Rainbow Light Ingredients list

  • Bacillus coagulans – is a probiotic strain which has the capacity to transform milk sugars into the more easily digestible lactic acid, therefore ameliorating gastrointestinal processes and lactose intolerance alike. As the name suggests, Bacillus coagulans has very strong fermentative properties, which then allow for improved food decomposition and nutrient assimilation within the gut (such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.). Moreover, this ‘friendly’ bacterium also has the capacity to boost immunity screening by protecting the organism against diarrhea episodes caused by Clostridium difficile and alleviating IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms.
  • Inulin – is most commonly extracted from fruit (bananas), vegetables (onions, garlic), cereals (wheat), and other plants (such as chicory). Inulin behaves like a prebiotic component inside the gut by preparing the microflora for new colonies, normalizing acidity levels, and becoming a source of nutrition for the supplemented probiotic microorganisms. This polysaccharide is also an important source of fiber, hence improving digestive motility and helping regularize weight in time, as well as a natural energy booster.
  • Larch arabinogalactan – in short, larch arabinogalactan represents a naturally occurring starch-like substance. It can be encountered in numerous plants, the most representative of which being the Larch tree (a coniferous, yet deciduous type of tree). The most important pharmaceutical uses of larch arabinogalactan are related to its increased fiber intake, which regulates intestinal transit, increases immunity shielding, and lowers cholesterol readings. Additionally, this substance can be employed to restore liver health and create an overall sensation of well-being inside the body.
  • Ginger – has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat digestive and arthritic issues, as well as a common cure against bouts of nausea. This ingredient also stimulates digestive processes by accelerating the production of saliva, therefore facilitating food decomposition. Not only does ginger encompass an important source of dietary fiber, but it also increases nutrient assimilation through its own share of essential vitamins (especially B-complex), minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.), and antioxidants.
  • Fennel – otherwise used as a culinary ingredient, fennel represents a good addition to your day-to-day health through its digestive, immune, and mood regulating capacities. For instance, fennel extract has been used in treating cases of indigestion, bowel irregularity (diarrhea and/ or constipation), bloating and flatulence, etc. In terms of general health, this Mediterranean plant can reduce the occurrence of various infections (such as E. coli), normalize blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and even act as an effective anti-carcinogenic in time. Its natural antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, therefore, make it a great addition to any diet.
  • Turmeric – although more likely used as a condiment owing to its distinct savory flavor (similar to ginger) and strong yellow color, turmeric has also proven itself as an important component of both past and present medicine. Traditional Ayurvedic practices have long employed turmeric in instances of indigestion, skin sores and wounds, as well as infections pertaining to the respiratory tract. Its antifungal properties boost immune screening, while its anti-carcinogenic, IBS-regulating, and cardiovascular-protecting abilities elevate overall wellness over time.
  • Peppermint – is a hybrid mint type employed in a number of ways, from teas and sweets to essential oils and pharmaceutically-oriented products. For instance, peppermint can be used as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic for the gastrointestinal system, an effective alleviator for indigestion and stomach aches, as well as a quick treatment in the case of nausea. This plant’s beneficial effects on IBS and bacterial overgrowths has also been demonstrated over the years, with peppermint medicines and supplements helping regulate digestion, immunity screening, and mood swings alike.

ProbioActive also contains rice flour, silica, and hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (for the non-GMO capsule).  

ProbioActive by Rainbow Light Allergenic potential

One impressive aspect of ProbioActive is its very allergen-friendly composition. Needless to say, it is very important for dietary supplements to be inclusive of a broader spectrum of individuals with particular health and lifestyle needs in today’s times in order to really cater to their customer’s needs.

Consequently, ProbioActive is explicitly free of any major allergens such as soy, eggs, milk and lactose, peanuts and tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

The only problematic component, in this case, would be the usage of rice flower in the product’s composition, but only for those who are highly sensitive or allergic to this substance.

In addition, the supplement is based on a vegan formula, which constitutes yet another big bonus in this department.

The packaging also states that ProbioActive does not contain any sugar, sweeteners, additives, preservatives or artificial colors.

Besides the probiotic and prebiotic elements, the only other ingredients of ProbioActive are silica and hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose (used for the capsules).

Having a more organic and natural product is equally important in terms of dietary supplements – especially the probiotic ones – because it implies that the enhancer will act in the organism’s benefit instead of against it.

Overall cost

Every bottle of ProbioActive will set you back just under $20 (more precisely, $19.95) for 90 individual capsules. At a recommended dosage of 1 capsule/ day, one bottle of this product should last you approximately 3 months during continuous administration and cost you around $0.22 for each day of usage.

By comparison, the standard price for a good quality probiotic enhancer is that of $0.70/ day, so you are definitely striking an advantageous bargain with ProbioActive in terms of monetary investment.

Add to this the good probiotic count (1 billion CFUs), alongside an interesting proprietary formula (of natural prebiotics and Bacillus coagulans), and you have yourself one extremely tempting quality-price ratio.

ProbioActive by Rainbow Light Side effects

Unfortunately enough, even the best probiotic supplements have been known to bring about unwanted side effects during the first few days of administration.

ProbioActive is no exception to this rule: as a consequence, you might experience some abdominal discomfort and pain when first starting to use this probiotic enhancer. These should quickly subside, but they are never enjoyable, to begin with.

The reason why this occurs is because you are introducing an external source of live microorganism colonies into your system, hence leading to an internal microflora imbalance.

While the bacterial ‘situation’ settles down on its own fairly rapidly, the side effects which generally accompany it – namely visceral pain, gas, bloating, flatulence, nausea, etc. – constitute a clear drawback of any probiotic treatment.

What is surprising in the case of ProbioActive is that, although pretty mild regarding probiotic potency (just 1 billion CFUs per capsule), it does end up causing such symptoms as well.

The main bacterial ingredient (Bacillus coagulans) might be the ‘culprit’ in this sense since all the other elements are prebiotics of vegetable origin.

Manufacturer guarantee

Unlike other similar supplements, ProbioActive comes with a very attractive 100% money-back return policy.

This implies that the Rainbow Light company has the responsibility to refund your initial investment if the probiotic experience was an unsatisfactory one.

Moreover, there is no specific timeframe in which you can return your original order in such a case, so it would be best to send back the supplement as soon as you become unsatisfied with it.

The only downside of this return policy would be that Rainbow Light does not cover S&H (shipping and handling) costs as well, so you will have to pay for this yourself when sending back the product in the original packaging.

Otherwise, the manufacturer guarantee is a good one and it definitely raises the overall quality of ProbioActive as a dietary enhancer.

Where to buy ProbioActive by Rainbow Light?

You can buy Rainbow Light ProbioActive using the link below

Rainbow Light ProbioActive – general view

Category Rainbow Light ProbioActive
General rating 3 ½ /5 stars
Recommended usage Daily usage probiotic
Ingredients 1 billion CFUs (1 probiotic strain, prebiotics)
Allergenic potential Minimal (potential allergen: rice flour)
Cost $19.95 for 90 capsules (3 months’ worth of administration)
Side effects Abdominal pain and discomfort during the first days of administration)
Manufacturer guarantee(s) 100% money-back policy
Purchasing Via the manufacturer’s official website


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