Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro – Dophilus Probiotic Supplement

Reviewed productJarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement 

General score: 4.2/5 stars

Form of presentation: vegetable capsules

Serving dimensions: 20mm x 7mm

Cost: $29.95

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule daily

Packaging content: 60 capsules

Daily cost: $0.50

Viability: to expiration date

CFU count: 20 billion

Ingredients:  L. acidophilus La-14, L. rhamnosus R0011, L. plantarum Lp-115, B. longum BB536, B. lactis BI-04

Customer satisfaction: no guarantees

Product category: daily use probiotic

Where to buy: manufacturer’s website.


Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement is a rather new and not so popular probiotic, addressed, as its name suggests, to those past their first youth. Although there are rather few reviews available for it, compared to other products sustained by hundreds or thousands of reviews, those available average an impressive rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

What are the main benefits behind this rating? Perhaps the most important one is the affordable daily cost of only $0.50. With other supplements reaching even $3 per daily dosage, this one really seems worth a chance.

Of course, the price is not as important as the ingredients and the effect they are supposed to have on one’s health. From this point of view, Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement relies on a combination of five bacteria strains belonging to two main genera: lactobacillus and bifidum.

They are the most popular in their range, subject to numerous studies that lead to the same encouraging conclusions: they help regulate gastro-intestinal activity, they replenish the beneficial bacteria and inhibit the harmful bacteria, and they improve vitamin and mineral absorption.

The efficiency of probiotics is usually determined by the viability of the bacteria strains and their number per serving. The bacteria strains in this supplement are guaranteed to stay alive until expiration, on the condition that the product be kept tightly sealed and refrigerated.

Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement includes the impressive count of 20 billion colony forming units per serving. It is not the highest CFU count out there, but it is not a negligible figure either, considering that some probiotics do not exceed 1 million CFU.

These bacteria strains are contained in vegetarian capsules meant to ensure resistance to gastric acid, and, therefore, safe transit through one’s stomach. It is the manufacturer’s way to make sure they reach the intestines, find favorable conditions and replenish the local flora.  

Besides the mentioned bacteria, Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement also includes calcium phosphate, magnesium stereate, stearic acid and vitamin C, very helpful in a period when the human body loses its reproductive functions and witnesses a series of hormonal and physical changes.

Just as important is the fact that the serving is reduced to one capsule. Around retirement, remembering to take pills is not exactly on your list of priorities, especially since you are probably under treatment for other health problems as well.

However, one Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement capsule a day, with a meal or just few minutes after it, is not that big of a challenge. If the size of the capsule may be a problem to some, the possibility to use only the content of the capsule, mixed with any cold drink or food should represent encouraging news.

It will probably help to know that one supply will be enough to cover your needs for two months of administration, which saves you from having to place monthly orders and to pay the corresponding shipping costs.

In terms of allergies, Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement does not raise too many concerns. Its weakness is the presence of soy traces, emphasized by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it does not contain any wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, fish, seafood or nuts.

Moving on to less encouraging facts, when checking the product label, you cannot help but wish you could find some details on the recommended age to begin administration, the CFU count for each bacteria strain or possible interactions with other treatments.

The need for refrigeration does not improve the big picture either, especially if you travel a lot. And, finally, the lack of guarantees from the manufacturer and of FDA rating can be considered a weakness, especially since seniors do not really like to take chances.

Without numerous reviews from other users to give you an idea what to expect, this product, no matter how promisingly it is presented by the manufacturer, is a real challenge for potential buyers, especially since not even the best probiotics provide the same results for everyone.

Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement Ingredients

The five bacteria strains in this supplement’s formula are among the most popular, heavily studied and commonly used probiotics. Natural to the human body, they provide valuable health benefits, the most important of them listed below:

    • Lactobacillus acidophilus -Belonging to the Lactobacillus bacteria genus, it develops naturally in our gastrointestinal tract, depending on the presence of certain nutrients to grow and multiply. Known to synthesize vitamin K and lactase, L. Acidophilus is also found in dairy and fermented soy products. As far as its health benefits are concerned, they cover the ability to treat vaginal infections, respiratory conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol, diarrhea, as well as the power to improve lactose digestion and strengthen one’s immunity.
    • Lactobacillus rhamnosus – This third natural strain in the Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement is known for its beneficial effects as well. Among the most important, we cannot overlook the important role in weight gain and diabetes prevention, gastrointestinal issues treatment, seasonal allergies symptoms alleviation, acid reflux relief, immune system stimulation and urinary infections treatment.
    • Lactobacillus plantarum – It is a natural human gut resident, carefully studied throughout the years and highly appreciated for its ability to proliferate, its resistance to unfavorable conditions and its health benefits. It was proven to regulate bowel movements, help our body cope with antibiotics and recover after long term treatments and improve immunity, gastrointestinal microflora and mood.
    • Bifidobacterium longum This non-pathogenic strain natural to our gastrointestinal tract is the secret behind Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement’s ability to improve sugar fermentation and stimulate the production of lactic acid. This ability translates into valuable health benefits, like bloating, gas and constipation reduction, relief of gastrointestinal discomfort caused by stress, anxiety control, colon cancer risk diminishing, irritation soothing and immune system strengthening.
    • Bifidobacterium lactis This strain is maybe the most important for Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement’s actions. It was subject to numerous studies that proved beyond the reason of doubt its numerous health benefits, especially in elder patients. The studies concluded that it strengthens the immune system, improves digestion and induces a feeling of well being, its effects being enhanced by lactobacillus acidophilus.
    • Calcium phosphate It prevents and treats blood calcium deficiency and the conditions associated with it, like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, hypoparathyroidism, and latent tetany. It is often proscribed to men and menopausal women, as well as during phenytoin,  prednisone or phenobarbital treatments.
    • MaltodextrinIt is an artificial sweetener obtained from corn, rice or potatoes, often used as an additive in foods due to its ability to thicken the products, prevent crystallization and help bind ingredients.
    • Tapioca starchWithout significant health benefits but posing no threats, it was probably included in the Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement formula due to its thickening properties and slightly sweet taste.
    • Magnesium stearate from vegetal source Without a major impact on one’s health, it is used mostly for its lubricant action and for its ability to delay capsule dissolution, thus allowing the bacteria strains to reach the intestines.
    • Stearic acid – Safe and harmless, just as its predecessor, it is mainly used to ensure the resistance and efficiency of the capsules and ease the manufacturing process.
    • Silicon dioxide – A natural compound and valuable mineral for our body, it is considered to improve bone strength and hair and skin texture.
    • Vitamin CThe last and very important Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement ingredient, vitamin C has a variety of uses and health benefits, ranging from cold prevention and treatment to infections, HIV, gastrointestinal issues, depression, stress, fatigue, dementia, Alzheimer, ADHD, cardiovascular and ophthalmological issues.

Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement Allergy Concerns

A simple look at the list of ingredients will tell you that you don’t have much to worry about with this product. True, you should avoid it if you are allergic to soy, but other than that, it is free of the most common allergens. Not even the vegetable capsules can be considered dangerous, since you can use their content mixed with cold food or drink.

While the number of ingredients is slightly higher than in other probiotic supplements, they are mostly natural products, heavily used in the foods and medicines industry and with low allergenic potential.

If you want additional reassurance, you can simply consult your healthcare provider. The very manufacturer advises you to do so if you feel that the dosage is not right or you are worried about interaction with other treatments.

Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement Overall Cost

Around retirement, every cent you can save is worth gold, so you should be happy to learn that this product is among the most affordable ones on the market. At just $0.50 daily cost, given all the benefits it promises to provide, it should at least be worth a try.

The most important argument from this point of view should be the presence of the bifidobacterium lactis, the strain with the highest and best documented beneficial impact on elders’ health.

You basically buy health in a bottle and relief to many of your current pains. Or could this be just another set of promises in the wind? You’ll just have to wait and see or keep looking and wonder if it would have worked for you.

Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement Side Effects

The manufacturer does not warn of any side effects, the risk to develop allergies is quite low, and there are not enough reviews to confirm that the product does not stir any negative reactions, at least on the first days of use.

But is there a single day when you do not feel a negative influence on your body? Today you feel tired, tomorrow you feel weak, the hormonal changes drive you crazy, and you can barely digest what you eat.

One more symptom, assuming that it is bearable, like mild stomach cramps, would be a small price to pay for the relief you have been looking for. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether you take your chances with this product.

Manufacturer Guarantee

After a life of taking chances and fighting for every small achievement, you would surely treasure some reassurance. Well, unfortunately, you cannot get it with Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement.

The manufacturer has no product return policy or refund guarantee in place. An FDA rating could probably compensate, but it is not available either. This means that if you place the order, you assume the risk of spending your money in vain.

But doesn’t this risk apply to any purchase? Can you really ever be 100 % sure that a product you buy online provides the advertised benefits? Yes, the refund guarantee offers reassurance, but the truth is that buyers rarely return their acquisitions, simply because returns mean they accept their failure. Also, manufacturers offer refunds for the product itself, but not for its shipping.

You will rarely see manufacturer guarantees for probiotics or dietary supplements in general. Therefore, stop looking for excuses to delay your decision and go for it. What will it be: you trust the ingredients list and place the order or you keep feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for guarantees you will not get?

Where to Buy Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement?

Given the product’s special requirements in terms of storage and shipping, ordering it from the manufacturer’s website is the safest and most responsible decision you could make.

Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic Supplement General View

Category Jarrow Formulas Senior Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic
General rating 4.2/5 stars
Recommended usage Daily capsules
Ingredients 5 bacteria strains, 20 billion CFUs
Allergenic potential No
Cost $29.95 (60 capsules)
Side effects No
Manufacturer guarantee(s) No
Purchasing Jarrow Formulas website



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